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SunSentinel Review

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Review: Saquella Cafe in Boca Raton

by: Lois Solomon, Sun Sentinel
November 10, 2011

Best reason to go: Give your kids a taste of Europe in a contemporary cafe with moderate prices. Bright red and blue chairs, high ceilings, big picture windows, bakery, coffee and gelato counters and a living room-style upstairs loft create an airy, spacious setting and relaxed vibe. Kids can run around if they get impatient, entertained by the birds that apparently fly in frequently and need assistance in flying out.

For the kids: The kids’ menu ($6.79 each) takes American favorites and gives them a European twist, including hot dog served in a baguette, grilled cheese on flatbread, a peanut butter and jelly croissant and grilled chicken salad. My kids opted for items on the adult menu: Mediterranean turkey wrap ($8.99), which overflowed with turkey, tomatoes and cucumbers, and an omelet ($7.99), which the chef made for us even though the menu said it was served only until noon. An ample green salad came on the same plate as each meal.

For the grown-ups: Tuscan baked goat cheese salad ($11.99) was a little soggy with parmesan and balsamic vinaigrette but the hot baked goat cheese on crostinis were a nice contrast to the greens, roasted red peppers and sunflower seeds. Angus sirloin roast beef bruschetta ($10.99) oozed with juicy homemade roast beef —almost like brisket —on garlic toast, accompanied by a colorful side salad. There are also homemade soups, quiche, panini, antipasti and fish dishes.

Service: Very slow, even though there were few other diners in the place. It took about half an hour for our meals to come. The server was clearly working hard as the only waitress on duty.

Dessert: My kids kept walking over to the dessert counter as we waited for the meal. We ordered chocolate lava cake ($3.95), chocolate chip volcano ($2.50) and rustic tart with pears and blueberries ($4.95). All were homemade and fresh. There were many cookies, biscotti and breads I would like to try next time, along with coffees and gelato.

—Lois Solomon

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